Recording of first event (Tuesday 19 April, 7.00pm)
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All the questions have been timestamped.  If you scroll through and click each question, you will start the recording of the video at the appropriate position. Here are the consultation slides used in the presentation: Consultation slides (warning opens a large file PDF)

  1. Start
  2. Introduction of panel members
  3. Architects' presentation
  4. Question on affordable workspace
  5. Question on further plans for the building
  6. Question on parking
  7. Question on trees
  8. Question on number of people in the building
  9. Question on other offices run by Mott Macdonald
  10. Question on extra busses
  11. Question on facilities in the building
  12. Comment on the improvement
  13. Question on cladding
  14. Question on staircases
  15. Question on construction noise
  16. Question on building vacation during construction
  17. Question on application timeline
  18. Question on vacation during construction
  19. Question on security of vacant building
  20. Closing comments and how to provide feedback
  21. End