The team

Applicant: Patrizia Property Investment Managers LLP

Acting responsibly has always been part of PATRIZIA’s business approach. As a leading partner for global real assets, PATRIZIA is aware that real asset is one of the largest contributors to worldwide energy consumption and CO2 emissions driving climate change.

Planning Consultant: Rolfe Judd

Rolfe Judd Planning is a leading, London based independent planning consultancy whose passion is helping to create and deliver successful places and buildings. They work closely with all those involved in the planning and development process.

Architect: Buckley Gray Yeoman

Buckley Gray Yeoman are agents of opportunity. They take what they find – on the ground and in the brief – and uncover unanticipated possibilities. The changes they deliver are executed with a strong sense of responsibility to people, but they never forget that design must also make you feel good.

Consultation: Your Shout